We Believe Private Flight Shouldn’t Be Just for The Rich, But for All


If you ask a person who hasn’t experienced private flight for his opinion about this market, you will probably get a mix of comments about how expensive, luxurious and celebrity-packed it is.

Although from the outside it may sometimes seem that way, the reality today is that the private air industry is cost-effective and flexible, the top two traits that make it so special.

Private aviation might be perceived as a luxury because of all the options that surround it, and especially to how private air providers market their services; high-end cars at the footsteps of a plane, extreme privacy, and customized services, just to name a few.

But the truth is that almost 80% of all private flights are less than two hours so choosing the most cost-effective plane, without losing the private air vibe, of course, is what educated customers are seeking.

For Firnas Private, a specialist air charter based in the UK, having access to the private jet experience should be affordable for all.

“Flying private is cheaper than many think, the world has evolved with the help of advanced technology and concept of shared economy, this is why some of these luxuries are becoming more and more affordable and on top of that we as an establishment have a mission of making flying private more affordable for everyone irrespective of their financial background”, states Kazi Rahman, CEO of Firnas Private.

Price and Availability

The availability and access to private charters today is greater than ever. Reasons are plenty; educated customers, increased demand for swifter travel and lower prices, within others. The reality is that today, charter providers around the globe are in good shape to benefit from the user’s perception around this market: time efficiency, privacy, and comfort at a fair price.

Furthermore, if the price is still a concern, booking a larger aircraft to join more than one family or group of people in an aircraft suited for 8 to 12 passengers is always a possibility. Prices per person should fall considerably, making experience more affordable.

Firnas Private has addressed the price debate with a real commitment to increase access, by adding these unique features to the overall experience:

  • Payment for a flight on the spot with credit/debit card.
  • Installment payment for flights that are 2+ months away.
  • Using multiple cards to clear one big payment.

The truth is that the demand for these flights is continuing to rise through the years thanks to the efforts of private air providers of taking this service, once thought only for the super-rich, to everyone.

Chartering in Today’s Shared Economy

The concept of a shared economy is key in today’s market, where owning even a car seems like too much of a commitment. Imagine what’s left for potential aircraft owners…

“Buying an aircraft worth millions of dollars is not maximizing all the opportunities in the market. For a far less investment, you can still fully experience private aviation without worrying about all the yearly costs that come with owning. Chartering is today’s trend”

Furthermore, this lack of commitment brings flexibility to either business or leisure travellers, who can tailor the journey to their next destination, from the booking process to the landing.

Luxury is also an option, no doubt, but that segment is losing ground especially in the private air market thanks to the long list of options and competitive prices, where chartering a light or midsized aircraft is a business decision aimed towards maximizing profits.

We live in a dynamic economy and therefore resistance to change is no recipe for success. Online instant quoting, several payment options and the correct use of big data are paramount.

Without looking any further, Firnas Private offers a Mocktail Pleasure Flight, the first to coin this term. They state that “for far too long the ethnic market has been undermined and undervalued, we believe it is high time to pay full attention to this very unique and important market”.

The sharing economy has changed business, no doubt, but not the fact that companies in every industry live for their customers. Providing a top service in today’s competitive ecosystem is essential to keep the engines running.

From mobile booking to the cordiality of the pilots, the full process needs to be spotless. Adapting to last-minute requirements will also drive value to a brand; from maintenance to late requests by the client, planning for the unforeseen won’t be overlooked by demanding private aviation customers.