As an entrepreneur myself who has overcome various challenges to get to where I am today, I understand that there isn’t a widely available where someone is able to give you first-hand experience, advice and offer more than just consultancy services – all rolled into one.


I have a hunger and determination to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I want aspiring entrepreneurs to get in touch with me knowing they’ll have someone with years of expertise and experience in various business-related fields, looking over them every step of the way.


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Just like an individual has an identity, branding does too. Branding isn’t just creating a nice logo, it’s components such as colour, tone of voice, style and so on, all combined and bought together. I have set up several brands and also helped a dozen others do the same. This helps me truly understand what branding is.

Although it may sound easy, setting up a business can be extremely scary and nerve-racking. Having set up many businesses myself here in the UK and aboard, I know the exact recipe each business requires to ensure it gets off to a great start in little to no time. Many business owners who have not set up businesses in the past ending up spending unnecessary time and making mistakes which leads to them wasting valuable capital. I can hold your hands and assist you in setting up your business from start to finish, so you can focus on other things that important.

Coming up with an idea for a product is just the start, getting it from the drawing board and then onto the shelves requires expertise, experience and a network of connections. Luckily for you, I have all three in abundance. I can help take your ideas from concept to finished product smoothly and effectively, ticking all the correct boxes along the way to ensure your product is what and where it needs to be, to be a success.

As a former market trader myself, I know how important of a skill it is to be able to negotiate. It’s taught me that being able to source the absolute best product at the best possible price, is crucial for any type of business. The amount of business owners who are being ripped off by importers and wholesalers is astonishing. I can help you with negotiations and logistics to ensure your maximising the profits for your business.

Crowdfunding has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. It has allowed some of the most popular brands of today to be where they are thanks to the support of the public and budding entrepreneurs. It allows great ideas to take to the stage, even if capital is a problem. Sometimes funding is the only hurdle standing between your business and success and if you believe in your idea, it shouldn’t be. I can help create and manage a crowdfunding campaign – where you’ll be able to gather support from the public who can get behind your business and idea.

Understanding the media is complicated, having used it to my advantage I have grown an understanding and fondness for it. I can help others gain maximum results from free promotions. This exposure can be crucial to get your business to where it needs to be. Poor handling of Media and PR can be detrimental to a businesses success if not co-ordinated by someone with expertise, this is where I come in.

The bloodline of any business is sales/income. Far too many times, startups have overlooked the importance of having a healthy income stream. I not only help you identify and streamline your income streams but also maximise it by implementing efficient systems and training your team.

Working with shopping centres requires experience, knowledge and discipline. You also have to make sure you’re working up to the mall’s management standards. It’s a very complicated process where a lot of project management is involved to keep control of costs and making sure negotiation is done properly as many suppliers tend to take advantage of startups due to the lack of knowledge some business owners have. I can take the stress away from you by helping you from the concept to the delivery and taking care of everything in between.

I can help you take your idea from the drawing board to your first sale. Taking care of everything along the way. Speak to me and see how I can get your business set up within 6 weeks.

Business in a Box includes the following exercises;

  • Developing the brand and no, that does not mean just creating a logo, there is a lot more that goes into it
  • Securing premises or developing the tech or both, depending on the business type
  • Architectural planning and construction for Retail & Leisure
  • Testing the business model to iron out the details
  • Launch the business to paying customers

There are a great number of things which can go wrong and a lot of people from our experience have paid extortionate amounts of money for things, which should have cost them a fraction of the price. I have the experience, the connections and the knowledge to help you launch your business with ease. I can assist you through each stage in a professional, systematic and cost-effective way.

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